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Boost your wellbeing

It's normal to have ups and downs or feel knocked off balance sometimes but you don't have to go it alone. Free mental wellbeing support is available to help you get back on track.

You may want to think more positively, sleep better, or learn how to manage anxiety or stress. Or you may want to change habits that are negatively affecting you, such as drinking.

If you want to prevent problems from building up, the Access and Choice programme can connect you with a provider that can help. Learn about the types of support available and then find a provider on the map below.

Many services are at GP clinics where you’ll need to be an enrolled patient, but there are also Kaupapa Māori, Pacific-led and Youth services you can access directly.

This programme is part of a wider system of mental wellbeing support. If there’s no Access and Choice provider near you, talk to your GP or find additional services through Healthpoint or the Mental Health Foundation.

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Find support near you


Please note: This database is dynamic and will evolve over time as new providers join or if provider details change. It is currently being updated each month. Providers are listed for their Access and Choice funded services. They will provide other services (not listed here) as part of their ongoing work.

Nationwide services are also available to you

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