Available wellbeing support

The Access and Choice programme provides free mental wellbeing support services. If your thoughts, feelings or actions are negatively impacting your health and wellbeing you can contact a provider.

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You may want to:

  • improve your mood (you may be feeling down, angry, confused, exhausted)
  • change habits to reduce the harm of drinking or drug use
  • understand how what you’re doing can impact how you feel
  • improve your ability to cope with life’s challenges (building on your existing coping skills)
  • learn tools to help you sleep better and address other physical health issues that are impacting your mental wellbeing
  • talk about things that are bothering you – relationships, grief, loneliness, or family violence
  • talk through the impacts of living with long-term health conditions or a disability and make adjustments so you can live well with these challenges
  • increase connection to the positive supports in your life, helping you to feel less alone
  • get connected to services in the community.

There are four types of service available.