Rural wellbeing support

Sometimes it’s hard to access services if you live rurally, but there’s a good spread of Access and Choice providers across the motu (country). Other support is also available.

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People in rural communities can access wellbeing support through their GP. Support is also available through the following services.

Rural Support Trusts

A local Rural Support Trust (RST) is a great place to access free and confidential support and advice.

This nationwide network, run by local people, helps farming families and rural communities.

RSTs have facilitators trained to recognise issues with mental health/wellbeing. They can also put you in touch with services including health information, or financial support.

You can give them a call to talk through your options 


Farmstrong is a nationwide wellbeing programme for the rural community. Their aim is to help you live well to farm well. On their website you can find a range of resources to help you manage your wellbeing. 

Visit the Farmstrong website

NZ Young Farmers

NZ Young Farmers has compiled a list of services as a starting point for seeking help.

Visit the Young Farmers website


FirstMate provides health and wellbeing support for people working in the commercial seafood sector.

Visit the FirstMate website