No referral process

You don’t need to meet specific criteria to access this free support and you can often see someone quickly.

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Kaupapa Māori, Pacific-led, and Youth wellbeing services

You don't need a referral to access free kaupapa Māori, Pacific-led, or Youth mental wellbeing services.

Just contact the wellbeing provider that offers these services directly. You’ll need to be in the area where the service operates, but that’s it. If they’re national services, you can access them from anywhere.

The whānau of young people in distress can also reach out for help from the youth providers directly. Or you may get a referral from your GP, school, or other service.

Wellbeing services where you usually see your doctor or nurse

If you want to access free mental wellbeing support services via a general practice you'll need to be enrolled with them as a patient.

So, the first step is to check if this support is available where you’re enrolled and contact them to ask about the service.

Services are free

It's free to see the HIP, Health Coach or Support Worker. You may need to see the doctor first and the normal charge for this will apply.

Your HIP, Health Coach and Support Worker will work closely with your doctor, but you won't have to see the doctor (and pay) before follow-up visits.

Often no wait times

There are often no wait times, and you should be able to access the support you need quickly.

What to do if services aren't available

If your general practice doesn't have Access and Choice services right now, keep checking from time to time. It may be in line for the services soon as they are still being rolled out. 

Even if your general practice is not yet part of the programme, GPs and practice nurses are trained to recognise and respond to issues regarding mental wellbeing including alcohol and other drug issues. 

There are a range of support and resources available for all New Zealanders, both in-person and online. Talk to your GP about what options would best suit your needs.